Aw21 Mule pre order excl VAT

Aw21 Mule pre order excl VAT

PS SYNERGY MULE: We took apart more than 500 used shoes. Mainly Nike Air Force and Adidas Stan Smith. From these small pieces we created a material that we call new skin. From this new skin we cut out the pattern pieces of our PS Synergy Mule.


Each mule is one of a kind. Showing the hand of the first maker in the unpicked stitches. Usually made in Vietnam, India or China. The next interesting layer is brought to the shoes by the previous wearer, the wear is a sign of the energy and movement that has been put into the material. By taking the shoes apart we captured this energy in the material. The synergy between Nike and Adidas makes this shoe so beautiful and distressing at the same time. Mules are ready for preorder now! (We have 47 pairs left of our 2021 max of 100.)



Made out of vintage sneakers. With Birkenstock mid sole and leather outer sole.

Learn everything about how we make our patchwork in our 'Materials library' .

Every pair is unique due to its exclusive making process. The placement of the pieces and so the look of the shoe will appear to be slightly different than the pictures.

Add size in check out box. Allow 12 weeks to produce.