Blue Blazer Straight Vibram

Blue Blazer Straight Vibram

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Handcrafted from vintage sneakers.

Remastered Nike Blazer upper, adorned by our signature -Veg Tan leather-  storm welt. The upper is stitched to a Veg Tan leather midsole and attached to a hand shaped EVA outsole.

Each pair comes with a polaroid picture taken during the production process, a dustbag -reworked from a vintage white shirt- and a recycled shoe box.


All the leather we use is vegetable tanned. You can find it on the following parts :

  • Storm welt
  • Laces
  • Insole
  • Midsole

The outsole of this style is made out of high quality EVA. 8 - -2 weeks lead time. Shipping date will be confirmed once order is placed.