Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and Accountability


We are committed to transparency throughout our supply chain. By regularly sharing information about our suppliers, sourcing practices, and production processes, we aim to empower consumers to make informed choices. Whilst holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

We understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey. As part of our commitment to transparency, we regularly assess our sustainability performance. By openly sharing our successes and challenges, we invite feedback from clients and stakeholders and demonstrate our dedication to continuous improvement. 


Accountability is the foundation of our sustainability strategy. We recognize the need to set clear goals, measure progress, and be accountable for the impact we have on people and the planet.

That is why we are documenting and sharing at what stage we are now. So that this data can guide our actions in the future. It is our goal to reduce carbon emissions, increase the use of sustainable materials, and enhance our social impact. Regularly assessing our progress against these goals ensures accountability and drives positive change. In the future we aim to seek third-party certifications from reputable organizations. These certifications provide independent verification of our environmental and social initiatives, offering assurance to our customers and stakeholders that we adhere to the highest standards of sustainability.


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