Circle Welt ™

The Circle Welt ™ is an invention by Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop. They developed the technique in 2016 when they were searching for a way to develop a more meaningful and sustainable shoe.

They first called their design Storm Welt, not realising they had really created a brand new technique to give shoes a new sole, thus a new soul. 

Peterson Stoop not only re-designs existing shoes with a new sole, they also deconstruct worn shoes and rebuild them. This is their Patchwork collection, where they also use their own Circle Welt ™ or use the iconic footbed developed by Birkenstock. 

At the moment Peterson Stoop is now offering two types of footwear. The first is the Custom Circle Welt™. Here clients are invited to have a pair of their own shoes customized by Peterson Stoop's artisans. The second is the Straight Circle Welt™, this product is currently ready to ship from their Amsterdam studio. View both products here.

After producing thousands of shoes with their signature Leather Circle Welt ™. Peterson Stoop discovered an other application of their original idea. In 2023 Peterson Stoop will be researching the further possibilities of the Circle Welt ™. They can do so by the support of The Stimuleringsfonds, one of the six Dutch cultural funds.

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