RESOUL™ Step by step

Peterson Stoop offers RESOUL™ to create exceptional shoes. The process begins when you decide which shoes you will send to us.

It takes more than 100 hands-on steps to create your shoes. Here are the five major steps we take to give your shoes a new soul.

1. Free worldwide shipping

In our 10 years of experience we have learnt that all sneakers can be a RESOUL™. Pick the shoes from your own collection, or find a vintage pair. When you place your RESOUL™ order our courier will come to your home or work to pick up your shoes. We offer free worldwide shipping.

2. Disasembly

When we receive your shoes in our studio our craftspeople carefully remove the soles and clean the uppers. After this we remove the insoles and laces and replace them with a fresh new pair.

3. Preparing materials

Our craftspeople prepare all the materials they need for your new soles. Vegetable tanned leather is cut into strips for the Circle Welt™. The midsole and outsole are shaped to the exact size of your shoes.

4. Crafting the soul

When all the materials have been prepared the sole is expertly built up layer by layer. From start to finish it takes more than 100 hands-on steps to produce RESOUL™. During the production we send you updates about the care we take to craft your shoes.

5. Return 

We finish the production within two to six weeks. Your order is then shipped back by our courier. Since this is a repair service you are not charged with any import taxes upon arrival. Your shoes are good as new, and repairable time and again, enjoy.